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ExtJs: radio buttons are not clickable sometimes…

Radio buttons

Just came across this issue when ExtJs radio buttons are not selectable for some reason.

My initial setup was the following:

{ xtype: 'radiogroup', columns: 1,  fieldLabel: "Languages", autoWidth:true, 
  items: [
      {boxLabel: "Default", name: 'language', inputValue: 'D', id: 'defaultLang', checked: true},
      {boxLabel: "Order", name: 'language', inputValue: 'C', id: 'orderLang'},
      {boxLabel: "Other", name: 'language', inputValue: '0', id: 'otherLang'}

It’s very basic and I spent hours trying to figure out why only last option gets selected no matter what radio button I click.

Long story short – value of “0” in the last radio button causes the issue. There must be something with mixing numeric and non-numeric types of values. And numeric are give the priority.

So changing the value to the same type as other values fixes the issue.

P.S. fond the same issue addressed on StackOverflow

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Posted by on August 12, 2011 in Sencha


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