EditorGridPanel not firing afteredit event if value didn’t change

15 Apr


If you are using EditorGridPanel plugin for ExtJS grids chances are you want to know when user starts and finishes editing a cell.

There is no problem to find out when edit starts with beforeedit event. But afteredit event ExtJS provides for capturing edit completion only fires if the content of the cell has changed. But if the user leaves the cell without modifying it there is no way of capturing this with afteredit.

But we can always override ExtJS internal methods to achieve required functionality ;). In this case we extend EditorGridPanel’s onEditComplete function:

Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel.prototype.onEditComplete = function(ed, value, startValue)
        this.editing = false;
        this.lastActiveEditor = this.activeEditor;
        this.activeEditor = null;

        var r = ed.record,
            field = this.colModel.getDataIndex(ed.col);
        value = this.postEditValue(value, startValue, r, field);
        if(this.forceValidation === true || String(value) !== String(startValue)){
            var e = {
                grid: this,
                record: r,
                field: field,
                originalValue: startValue,
                value: value,
                row: ed.row,
                column: ed.col,
            if(this.fireEvent("validateedit", e) !== false && !e.cancel /* && String(value) !== String(startValue) */){
                r.set(field, e.value);
                delete e.cancel;
                this.fireEvent("afteredit", e);
        this.view.focusCell(ed.row, ed.col);
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