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Productivity question

An interesting fact – efficiency of most of Russian organisations nowadays is only 30-50% due to the low productivity of the staff. Which means every full time employee wage is for less than a half of possible work done. And the more money you pay to a worker – the more money you lose. As statistics says the average wage in Russia now is about 18,000 roubles then the employer could lose up to 9,000 per person per month. This turns into 108,000 roubles a year. Huge amount of money if you have, say, 10 employees…

Motivate us!!!


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My first public speech

On the 9th September I did my first public speech at the Microsoft local club. I spoke on ASP.NET MVC framework.

Have to say it was a great experience! And I guess I would want to try it again!

There are also a few pics from there:

me speeking on mvc
me speeking on mvc


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