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new things about SagePay every day

Today looking through the logs of my payment script I found a new response status for myself – OK REPEATED!

I knew SagePay keeps sending posts until they finally reach you (not exectly so but they keep posting for quite a long time) but in the Integration guide I could find only one place mentioning OK REPEATED status.

Though on the SagePay Support forum I found another one – OK FAILED, which I don’t know what could mean even…

Don’t know why SagePay team didn’t describe all the possible statuses and how we should handle them in the manual and in the example files, but it would be a great help if they did. Seems like these two should be treated as an equivalent to OK response.

Please let me know if you know more on the topic. Thanks!

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GData Unable to read response, or response is empty

Weird thing happened to my GData application – it started throwing “Unable to readresponse, or response is empty” error on upload. The only thing to matter seemed to be a file size.

After some time of serching the Internet found the solution – try to increase timeout limit in Zend/Htt/client.php script. It set to 10 seconds by default. I changed to 20 and it solved the problem.

Hope it will help someone too!

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Random thought

I hate banks!!!


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