26 Jun

For the last years people were thinking where WEB is going to and what it will be its nearest future. Seems like now it’s getting more and more obvious that with services like WEB will soon become really just a tool for both business and personal activity.

You may say that it’s flash and not so many people would prefer (as we can see all over the WEB now) it to HTML websites. We all know what advantages and disadvantages of flash are and I won’t repeat them all over again. But taking into account wide bandwidth connections and how easy WIX made it to use the tool my opinion is that it’s perfect for private and small business use. And plus Google analytics, unlimited bandwidth, backups and only for $12.42 per month you can have it all on your own domain name and with no ads.

Another thing I was thinking of is if it’s possible to combine FLASH and HTML version? Say you already have a HTML website with a domain name and interesting content, can WIX host this version too? If they do that would be brilliant as you will have to pay only for the hosting services and get a flash version of website for free! But this have to be confirmed.

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Posted by on June 26, 2009 in misc


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